Proficiency Testing PT in Pakistan

Proficiency Testing is one of requirements of ISO 17025 standard, which is normally required to be conducted by any lab requiring accreditation for ISO 17025 yearly or 6 monthly depending upon accreditation body requirements. Innovators Technologies is only Proficiency Testing provider in Pakistan with the help of different foreign PT service providers. We manage participation of laboratories from Pakistan in many Proficiency Testing programs. We are sole representative of Proficiency Testing Australia (a International Standard ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Certified Lab). We on behalf of PT Australia provides following types of proficiency testing programs:

Testing Programs

These programs involve the distribution of sub-samples of a material for testing by participating laboratories.  The results are analyzed statistically with each laboratory receiving a report detailing its testing performance. A wide range of  testing programs offers which cover most areas of testing including:

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Construction Materials
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Non-Destructive

Most of these testing programs are continuous with one to six programs offered each year.

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Measurement Programs

These programs involve the circulation of a measurement artifact (or set of artifacts) among a group of laboratories undertaking those particular measurements.  Where a single participant is involved then this activity is called a Measurement Audit.  The performance of these laboratories is normally evaluated by comparing their results to a reference value.  The artifacts are fully characterized, with current calibration data and reference values. A wide range of  calibration programs offers which cover most areas of calibration including:

  • Acoustic & Vibration
  • Electrical
  • Heat & Temperature
  • Physical & Dimensional Metrology
  • Optics & Radiometry

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On Demand Programs

There are also on-demand programs which can be manage by PT Australia. These are special PT programs which are conducted on the request of a Lab or group of labs.

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Special Programs

If a lab or group of lab is in need of a proficiency testing which is not offered by PT Australia, Innovators Technologies communicates with other PT Providers which are conducting required Proficiency Testing to facilitate labs in Pakistan. We have recently contacted other PT providers for:

  • Textile Testing
  • Gold jewelry Testing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Veterinary

Please contact us today if you need any  proficiency testing.

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